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St Francis Catholic Primary School a Voluntary Academy

Together we are exploring our special gifts; Together we are growing towards God.

Religious Education

Religious education is more than just one subject in the curriculum. In Catholic schools it is the core of the “core curriculum”-

Pope St. John Paul II


At St Francis, we strive for all children to enjoy and have enthusiasm for Religious Education (RE). All children have access to high quality teaching that helps them develop good understanding, knowledge and respect of their own faith and others. RE will have a positive impact on the children’s spiritual and moral understanding of the world and gives them skills for their future life, along with access to their gifts from God.


At St Francis, we are proud to implement RE with the help of the Diocese whereby the Catholic faith permeates everything we do. The curriculum is characterised by clear learning objectives and key content and is implemented through effective teaching and learning and rich resources; and achievement is identified by outcomes and accurate methods of assessment. RE at St Francis is developed and resourced with the same commitment as other core subjects. The content of the curriculum is taught, developed and resourced to make sure all children can access and understand their Catholic faith. Through creative and enriching lessons, the expectation is that children will confidently develop and apply their key skills, such as evaluating and recognising and making judgements. They will develop these key skills progressively through the years which then allows them to deepen their understanding of their faith. Alongside lessons, we also moderate (planning, lessons and books) so that we can be sure that progress is made across all year groups. If progress is not being made, support is immediate and steps provided to ensure all pupils achieve and make progress.

Year 1 - I Can Statements

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Year 2 I Can Statements

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Year 3 I Can Statements

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Year 4 I Can Statements 

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Year 5 I Can Statements 

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Year 6 I Can Statements 

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