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St Francis Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy

Together we are exploring our special gifts; Together we are growing towards God.


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'Every School Day Counts!'


A child's attendance at school is very important.  It has been proved that the greater the child's attendance the greater their achievement. 

The Governors and the Local Education Authority expect all parents to ensure that their children attend school whenever possible.


If your child requires non-urgent medical or dental attention, please arrange appointments outside school time.




Application for Absence from School

If you would like to apply for leave of absence for your child for any reason other than illness, you must complete an Application for Absence form and return it to school as soon as possible.

School can only authorise absence in exceptional circumstances. If you take your child out of school without authorisation or consent then school will have no alternative but to inform the Educational Welfare Officer.

Holidays will not  be authorised in term time. Please do not book a holiday, take your child out of school and not inform school - in these instances we will have no other option but to contact our Educational Welfare Officer. 

 Click here to download Application for Absence Form

You will be informed of the outcome of your application for absence within 2/3 days.


Leave of Absence in Term Time - note from Bradford Council.


Absence during term-time as a result of term-time leave of absence interrupts continuity of teaching and learning and disrupts the educational progress of individual children. Bradford Children's Service aims to minimise the amount of time lost to term-time leave of abence through a policy which actively discourages parents from arranging family holidays, trip abroad etc during term time and supports schools to authorise absence for such leave only in exceptional circumstances.

Between September 2012 and July 2013 over 81,000 days of education were lost due to families taking holiday in term time, with or without the school's permission.

Families do not have a right to take their children out of school for the purposes of family holidays or trips abroad.

New government guidance instructs Headteachers NOT to authorise leave of abscence in term time. Permission for this type of absence should only be granted in the most exceptional circumstances. It is for Headteachers to determine what are 'exceptional circumstances' and apply these consistently and equitably.

Parents should not take their children out of school without first seeking the schools permission.

The following reasons will not be considered acceptable reasons for requesting leave of absence in term time:-

  • availability of cheap holidays
  • availability of desired accommodation
  • poor weather experienced in school holiday periods

Click here to download the Bradford Children's Services Leave of Absence Policy

The local Code of Conduct allows for Penalty Notices to be issued to parents who take their children out of school for holidays and leave of absence without the permission of the school. Click here to download the Penalty Notice Code of Conduct - Revised August 2014 following consultation