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Good mathematics is not about how many answers you know…It is how you behave when you don’t know. ~

Author unknown


At St Francis, we believe that Mathematics is a fundamental life skill, as well as a subject rich in creativity and logic. It is an essential part of a balanced curriculum and should be accessible and appropriately challenging for all learners. All pupils should become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics and should be able to apply their knowledge, understanding and reasoning skills to a variety of problems to help them in their daily lives. We want children to be able to develop rich and meaningful connections between different strands of Mathematics, as well as to see the significance of mathematical application in other subjects, such as Science, Computing and Design Technology and to appreciate the development of mathematical thinking over time. For all pupils, we aim to deliver high-quality Mathematics teaching which lays a strong foundation for children’s future financial literacy and employment, and inspires an appreciation of the beauty of Mathematics as a discipline.


 At St Francis, we teach the Mathematics National Curriculum, supported by White Rose Maths, which sets a clear progression, that ensures knowledge and skills are built on year on year. The expectation is that the majority of children move through the content at the same pace, with the aim that they are confident with their yearly objectives and develop their ability to use the knowledge to reason and problem solve. Alongside daily lessons, additional time is spent daily on building fluency of key facts. In addition, due to the interconnected nature of Mathematics, we also provide opportunity for the practical application of Maths, across the curriculum.

Our Knowledge Organisers 

These are taken home before the start of every new term. These contain the knowledge the children need to know. In school they are regularly quizzed on them and below are also some quizzes to do at home. 

Year 1 

 Y1 Autumn Maths KO.pdfDownload
 Y1 Spring Maths KO.pdfDownload
 Y1 Summer Maths KO.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Summer Factual Recall Quiz.pdfDownload
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Year 2

 Year 2 Autumn Maths KO.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Spring Maths KO.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Summer Factual Recall Quiz.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Summer Maths KO.pdfDownload
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Year 3

 Year 3 Autumn Maths KO.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Spring Maths KO.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Summer Factual Recall Quiz.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Summer Maths KO.pdfDownload
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Year 4 

 Year 4 Autumn Maths KO.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Spring Maths KO.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Summer Factual Recall Quiz.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Summer Maths KO.pdfDownload
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Year 5

 Year 5 Autumn Maths KO .pdfDownload
 Year 5 Factual Recall Quiz - Summer Term.pdfDownload
 Year 5 Spring Maths KO .pdfDownload
 Year 5 Summer Maths KO.pdfDownload
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Year 6 

(Thanks to Sophie Bartlett @_MissieBee)

Year 6 just have one Knowledge Organiser of key facts for the year. However, they will greatly benefit from revising all the other KS2 ones. 

 Year 6 Maths KO.pdfDownload
 Year 6 Quiz.pdfDownload
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