Once you learn to read, you will be forever free-

Frederick Douglass

At St Francis, we intend for every child to become a fluent reader, who enjoy reading a variety of genres and text types. We hope that every child is able to use phonics to decode words and blend back together, which will then support their fluency and enjoyment in reading. We are confident that phonics has a large impact on children’s enjoyment of reading and understanding. We aim to promote engaging and interactive phonics sessions so children develop this enjoyment and carry this throughout school, along with their love of reading.

At St Francis, we teach the National Curriculum of reading/phonics through Letters and Sounds. This is supported by Phonics Play, which sets a clear progression through the phases and ensures there is clear progression from Phase 1 in FS1 to Phase 6 in Year 2. The expectation is that children are working at their individual phonetic phase, which is monitored half-termly, and will eventually all reach Phase 6 by the end of Year 2.

Lessons take place daily lasting 20 minutes, they implement application of both reading and writing. Additional intervention is provided for those children who need it through EYFS and KS1. Yearly training is carried out for staff to ensure children are
pronouncing phonemes correctly, using terminology and have strategies in place to support their reading (use of sound buttons). A love of reading is encouraged, so along with the use of lessons we encourage trips to the library, reading for pleasure as well of lots of fun phonics games to build on their existing learning.