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St Francis Catholic Primary School a Voluntary Academy

Together we are exploring our special gifts; Together we are growing towards God.

Holiday Schedule



School Holiday List 2021 / 2022

September start:       Monday 6th September 2021 (Foundation start date may be later)

Autumn half term:     Break up on Friday 22nd October, return Tuesday 2nd November

Christmas:                 Break up on Friday 17th December, return Tuesday 4th January 2022

Spring half term:       Break up on Friday 18th February, return Monday 28th February

Easter:                       Break up on Tuesday 12th April, return on Monday 25th April

May Day:                   Closed on Monday 2nd May

Spring Bank:              Break up on Friday 27th May, return Monday 13th June

Summer break:         Break up on Friday 22nd July 2022


School Holiday List 2022 / 2023

September start:      Tuesday 6th September 2022 (Foundation start date may be later)

Autumn half term:    Break up on Friday 21st October, return Tuesday 1st November

Christmas:                Break up on Friday 16th December, return Tuesday 3rd January 2023

Spring half term:      Break up on Friday 10th February, return Monday 20th February

Easter:                      Break up on Tuesday 4th April, return on Monday 17th April

May Day:                  Closed on Monday 1st May

Spring Bank:             Break up on Friday 26th May, return Monday 12th June

Summer break:        Break up on Tuesday 25th July 2023