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St Francis Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy

Together we are exploring our special gifts; Together we are growing towards God.

Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)


Activities sent home with the work book are to continue along with daily reading. Daily activities will be set through this website. Any work that cannot be done through ‘Purple Mash’ can be recorded in this book.
Any work done in books can be emailed by picture to homelearning@stfrancisbrad.co.uk and will then be shared with Mrs Whitley.
Videos explaining how to access Purple Mash can be found on our school twitter feed https://twitter.com/stfrancisbrad as well as the main Home Learning page of this website.

Please make sure to click 'Hand in' on Purple Mash once a piece of work is finished so
that Mrs Whitley can see it has been completed.


Friday 27/3 Purple Mash 2Do- Draw a clock, add hands for a time then draw what you do at that time.

Monday 30/3 Purple Mash 2Do - Finding 1 more 10-20

Tuesday 31/3 Purple Mash 2Do- Finding 1 less 1-10

Wednesday 1/4 - Purple Mash 2Do- Play 2D Shape pairs game

Thursday 2/4 - Purple Mash 2Do- Label the correct racing positions

Friday 3/4 - Purple Mash 2Do- Play ‘What time is it Mr Wolf?’


Phonics Play have provided free access during this time. You can access this at https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/  

The login details are:

Username: March20

Password: home


Every day at 11am, you can listen one of David Walliams’ World’s Worst Children stories, so sit down, take a break, and enjoy 20ish minutes of pure fun!


Friday 27/3 Purple Mash 2Do- What happens during Spring? Choose pictures and write a label/sentence

Monday 30/3 Purple Mash 2Do - Draw the front cover of your favourite book.

Tuesday 31/3 Purple Mash 2Do- Draw and label your favourite food.

Wednesday 1/4 - Type and read the cvc words.

Thursday 2/4 - Type and read High Frequency Words.

Friday 3/4 - Play ‘Falling letters’.

Knowledge and Understanding the World

Friday 27/3 Purple Mash 2Do- Can you draw a spring picture with flowers and blossom ? 

Monday 30/3 - Create your own dragon and knight. Don't forget these can be sent to your teacher by email!

Tuesday 31/3 Design your own castle and name it.

Wednesday 1/4 - Describing lambs.

Thursday 2/4 - Label different types of weather.

Friday 3/4 - Create your own rainbow.


Joe Wicks – The Body Coach  30minute PE Sessions for children    LIVE - Mon-Fri at 9am