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Year One

 A video showing parents how to upload their children's work to Google Drive and share with Miss Robson using a computer or laptop is available to view on the main home learning page of this website. 

Alternatively, email any work to homelearning@stfrancisbrad.co.uk 

Every day there will be a PE activity from Mr Holt on this page:


Remember it is really important to keep active too. 

Converting document.

Writing the first verse of your poem from the box up plan

Box Up Plan Video for English Thursday

Year 1 Home Learning Wednesday 18th November 

Shout Out Feedback for Home Learning Monday 16th November 2020

Shout Outs Year 1


Home Learning for Tuesday 17th November 2020

Home Learning for Tuesday 17th November 

Home Learning for Monday 16th November:

Well done on completing Friday's home learning. I hope you had a lovely weekend and looking forward to seeing you all soon !!

Kyle - Great news that you got 10 out of 10 on your spelling test!!!!
Thank you for emailing me and letting me know!
I will move your name up on the chart for when you return to school. A great effort. Great thinking for your deep dive maths work too and I love the way you showed and explained how you worked it out.
Leo - great work again today Leo - well done on you RE work , I could see you had really thought about what Mary was saying to Elizabeth. Well done on finishing your science experiment. I wonder what you found out? You also managed to complete your Guided Reading questions so well done.
Sebastian - Well done on your home learning. I really loved your RE work on the visitation. You have really listened to the words that Elizabeth said to Mary . Great job!!
Freddie - Well done on all the learning you have completed today you have been really busy!
I am really pleased to hear you got 9/10 for your spellings well done!
I will move your name to silver for such a good effort.
I am glad you liked the song - Puff the Magic Dragon. You can tell everyone about it when you return to school. Well done on your maths work and all the tasks your Mum has set.

Home Learning for Friday 13th November:

Well done Year 1 on any tasks you are managing to complete at home. I know it is not easy having to stay at home and inside everyday!! It is Children In Need today so see if you can do a little activity linked to it. We will be colouring in some Pudsey bear's!

Bobby - Well done on completing your handwriting task with the letter d. Your maths task looks complete too on finding the difference . It is not an easy topic so well done !
Sebastian - You look like you have been busy with all your maths tasks today - well done on your finding the difference. Your handwriting was also completed and it is great to see you practicing this at home . I love the start of your instructions about catching a bear. I cannot wait to read more about it.
Esme - Well done  on your work so far today I know you are going to complete some of it a little later on. Maths work on subtraction and finding a difference - great job here ! You have been thinking hard. You have started your instructions. You have completed your History work on Henry V111 and Elizabeth 11. Was there a fact that you learnt ? Your handwriting is completed so keep this up! 
Freddie - Well done on completing some of your school work and the tasks that your Mum has given you today. Again you have been very busy with your brother. I am glad you enjoyed the science experiment, finding which material was waterproof. You have been busy practicing your phonics again and you have completed some maths work on finding the difference.
Kyle - Well done on completing your history work on the monarchs. You surprised your Mum with your knowledge of all the facts you knew about them. Just like you surprised me last week in class when we started our new History topic. Your knowledge about them was great! Well done on completing your Science experiment - Miss Breen will be covering this again when you return to school to see what you found out. Well done on all your other home learning too!
Leo - great work again today . I really like to see you practicing your spelling shed and your phonics. Well done on your history work too I hope you found some interesting facts about Henry V111 and Elizabeth 11.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Home Learning for  Thursday 12th November:

Great job again Year 1 on completing your home learning !


Sebastian - Well done on your Maths finding the difference. You have done well with this as it is a new topic. Great history work on sorting your facts for the Queen and Henry V111.
Kyle - Great work again today Kyle. Lots of Maths work that you are whizzing through. I cannot wait to set you some challenges when you return to school. You have edited your box up plan so you are ready to go with writing your instructions. You have been reading and working on spelling and Maths shed. It is great that you are continuing with your phonics play practice. 
I am glad you enjoyed the ICT task of giving the computer the instructions to follow. 
I know you are working on your History learning and I look forward to seeing it !
Freddie - Great work again today . You have been completing some extra work that your Mum has tasked you with , this is brilliant. I was glad to hear you have been doing a lot of reading and reading with your little brother. Well done Freddie. Brilliant work on spelling shed and phonics play. I love how you sorted your history facts between Henry V111 and Elizabeth 11. It was lovely to hear you have done some learning about the fallen soldiers and what we do on remembrance day.
Leo - Great work today Leo I love to see all the Year 1 learning photos. It is brilliant that you are keeping up with your phonics play practice. Well done on your maths work as finding the difference can be a little tricky. Your box up plan looks ready to use now . Well done on completing your ICT learning on giving the computer instructions to follow.

Home Learning for  Wednesday 11th November:

Thank you Kyle, Leo, Freddie, Esme and Sebastian for your emails. You are working so hard; I am so impressed! Below are today's tasks and I can't wait to see what you produce! 

Home Learning for Tuesday 10th November:

Hello Year 1 - Well done to the three children who completed some home learning today it is great to see you keeping up with your school work.

If you have not completed any yet - have a go !!
Sebastian - Great PE photos from your PE work in the garden! I love the picture of your best friend - you try really hard at you drawing. Maths work subtracting on a number line. English - the start of your box up plan looks very interesting for your instructions. I cannot wait to read them.
Esme - Great effort today . You completed your phonics and spelling shed and I am glad to see that you are reading your book everyday. I love your best friend work. Subtracting on a number line can be tricky so well done for completing this. English - I was interested to read your box up plan for instructions.
Freddie - You have been busy today Freddie I bet you are tired! Well done on completing all the learning tasks that your Mum set you.
Well done on completing a spelling shed task and your maths work on subtracting on a number line. Your best friend work was lovely . You are great at drawing and I know you love to draw. I love to see all the photos that you have sent me . It was interesting to read your box up plan for your instructions I can't wait to read them when they are finished next week.

Home Learning for Monday 9th November:

Shout Out to all the Year 1 children who have completed their home learning today.

We were really impressed by your imagination and the effort you have put in . I am really proud of you all.
If you have not completed any today please catch up tomorrow so you can pick up where we are with our learning once you return to school.
Esme - Great reading and RE work about The Annunciation. I really liked what you wrote about the angel Gabriel.
Sebastian - Maths , subtracting on a number line - this can be tricky so I was really impressed and I love your recording of how you made a trap for the dragon. Brilliant!
Kyle - Great work today Kyle you really impressed us by how much of the learning you have completed. Maths - subtracting on a number line - well done. Brilliant photographs showing me how you were following the instructions of how to trap a dragon ! They were great. You also completed home reading, spelling, maths shed, tricky words and phonics. Love your PE video sequence and your RE work too.
Keep it up!
Freddie - Love your PE photos of the sequence you have put together with your shapes. Great picture of how to trap a dragon. You have shown a good understanding of the instructions. Well Done.
Miss Robson

Year 1 parents/carers, please read this IMPORTANT letter only if you have been contacted about isolating due to attendance at breakfast club/after school club last week. 

Maths, Quiz, Phonics and Spelling Shed link: https://play.edshed.com/login


Phonics Play have provided free access during this time. You can access this at https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/  

The login details are:

Username: March20

Password: home

In addition to this, Miss Breen, our Phonics Leader, has created some excellent resources to support you and your child in learning their phonics.  They can all be found on our:


Home Learning for Friday 6th November

Click here for Year 1 Writing Learning Plan Autumn 2 2020

This plan sets out what will be covered each week in Writing in Year 1 during Autumn 2. Further details and supporting documents can be found on this page when needed.

Click here for Year 1 Mathematics Learning Plan Autumn 2 2020

This plan sets out the daily lessons for Mathematics in Year 1 during Autumn 2. Further details and supporting documents can be found on this page when needed.

Click here for Year 1 Long Term Plan of Topics and Other Subjects for the whole year