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St Francis Catholic Primary School a Voluntary Academy

Together we are exploring our special gifts; Together we are growing towards God.


Good Morning

Our main task today is writing and reading for pleasure.


Mrs Haines has set you an independent writing challenge!

She has given us this amazing and funny image to write a story about. To help us she has given us a story opener as well .

If you rather, you could describe with some fantastic wow words what you can see in the picture.


Good Luck!



Good Morning - 27/01/2022


Practice your number bonds - how many can you do in a minute? How many can you get correct independently?

Phonics- Can you spot the igh sound?



Write a letter to the Queen about your family.


Who you live with?

Where you live and what is near?

What do you like to eat as a family?

What do you like to do as a family?

Write the Queen a question about her family.



LI: I know a title is inherited and can think about my family history

Can you match the royal to their title in the family tree?

Create your own family tree after.


Thank you

Kings and Queens Day 18.2.22


Good Morning


LI: To use our number bonds to add past 10.

Remember - 7+2= 9 so 17+2 = 19

See slides and worksheet.



LI: To recap using capital letters at beginning of a sentence. See activity.



LI: I can order some significant monarchs by when they reigned
PPT attached and activity


Good Morning!


Math: LI: Recap addition and subtraction skills. Please see work sheet below - can you make the number sentence?


English: LI: To write a feeling sentence about our favourite subject at school and why. 

Think about your favourite subject at school. Why do you like it? Write a sentence or two about this. Remember it is to the Queen so you need capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. After this - what would would you like to ask the Queen? Write your question. 


RE:  LI: What would you like to know about God?

Imagine you could ask God anything and he would reply? What would you ask? Present your list of questions..


Also watch this video about Jesus and his family and answer these questions.


How old do you think Jesus was at the time?

Why were Mary and Joseph worried?

Have you made your parents/carers worried before?

Why do you think those who look after us worry about us?



Good morning, 


LI: To learn our number bonds to 20- please carry on practicing.


English- Spotting the igh sound. Can you write down all the words with the igh sound? Can you make up your own sentences?



See link below to follow. 




Good Morning ,

Math: LI: To find number bonds.

Please see link below - we are investigating our number bonds to 10 and 20. Use this link to help and then attempt the worksheet below- remember your fingers are perfect to help you know your number bonds to 10 .


English: LI: I can write a sentence describing what I like to have for breakfast and lunch.

Using the work from yesterday (drawing pictures of your favourite breakfast and lunch) write a couple of sentences about what you have fore breakfast and lunch and try and add a couple of adjectives from below. Remember capital letters and full stops! 



 LI: I know what happens during a coronation

Last week we learnt about a monarch. Remember this is the king or queen of a country. Today we are going to look at the special ceremony that takes place when they get crowned. First read through the PPT and then can you put the pictures and sentences in the correct order?

Can you watch a bit of the Queen’s coronation and spot the parts of the coronation we have learnt about today? It is quite long so keep jumping forward



Good Morning!

For English today - please draw a picture of 1. What your like for breakfast and 2. What your favourite lunch is. Once you have done that please label it.


For Math , please see below - ordering numbers up to 20. Ignore question one if you do not have any objects to support or draw the amount instead.


LI: To talk about why it is is good to belong.

In RE yesterday we ready the story Dogger.

See link below.


Answer these questions:

Who did Dogger belong to? What does Dave do to show the Dogger belongs to him?

Who does Dave to belong to? How do we know? What actions tell us?


Who do you belong to? Can you list other things you may belong to ? E.g. School , Library. Draw and label these.

Why is it good to belong somethings?


Good morning,

Today starts our 'Writing for Pleasure' launch. On every other Friday we will be given something exciting to write about by Mrs Haines.

This Friday it is the story of the 'Black Hat'.

Please watch the story on the link.


Once you have watched the video.

You have two options:

Retell the story in your own words. Steal those wonderful words from the story to help you retell it.


Imagine you found a magical hat like the boy. What would happen with your magical hat? What would you find inside?

Please see math activity before. 

There is also some challenge as well on the next document.

Good Morning,

Please see the English and Math work for today.

Thank you

Good morning,


English today is all about you!

Create a book/poster with details about :

Your name , age , birthday.

Where you go to school and what is surrounding it.

What do you wear to school?

What is you favourite subject.?

What you like to do when you go home.?

What question would you like to ask the queen?

Thank you.

Good Morning

Please see the math below.

This link also may work

Thank you

Good Morning,


Yesterday the children of Year 1 received a letter from Her majesty the Queen! Very exciting.

Please read it below and write some facts you found out about the Queen.

Can you research some more facts about her and draw a picture?


Thank you



In RE yesterday we talked about our families. We drew and labelled a picture of our family then wrote what we like to do with our family. After that we wrote a sentence about why our family is special. Please can you do the same.


Thank you


We are practicing our capital letters this week! Keep practicing them and can you beat your own time?

Thank you!


Hope you are all ok- please see the Math lesson below for today.



Please see the Math ppt and task underneath. 

Hope all well.



Please see English task below- you can find answers below. 


Here is some work! Hope all well!

Thank you

Ms Jennings



Here is todays home learning. Math revision and some writing practice. 

Thank you,


Ms Jennings

Year One

 A video showing parents how to upload their children's work to Google Drive and share with Ms Jennings using a computer or laptop is available to view on the main home learning page of this website. 

Alternatively, email any work to 

Hello ,

Some more revision for the week.

Thank you,


Kind regards

Ms Jennings


See below today's work. 

Some word problems for math and then create your own character for a story and choose some adjectives to describe it.

Thank you!







Please see below some reasoning problems in math and a reading task.


Thank you



Here are some tasks for Monday and RE for rest of the week.

We are evaluating what we have learnt this term so this week it is mainly revision in math.

Task 1: Math revision mat

Task 2: Label a Dragon with adjectives

Task 3: Retell the story of the Nativity. 


Please see above the math activities on fact families and some English work based on nouns. New spellings will be added on to spelling shed as well.

Thank you.

Ms Jennings

Maths, Quiz, Phonics and Spelling Shed link:


Miss Breen, our Phonics Leader, has created some excellent resources to support you and your child in learning their phonics.  They can all be found on our:


Click here for Year 1 Writing Learning Plan Autumn 2 2020

This plan sets out what will be covered each week in Writing in Year 1 during Autumn 2. Further details and supporting documents can be found on this page when needed.

Click here for Year 1 Mathematics Learning Plan Autumn 2 2020

This plan sets out the daily lessons for Mathematics in Year 1 during Autumn 2. Further details and supporting documents can be found on this page when needed.

Click here for Year 1 Long Term Plan of Topics and Other Subjects for the whole year