Year One


The exercise book sent home with children is to record any work set through this website over the next few weeks which can not done on Purple Mash. A video showing parents how to upload their children's work to Google Drive and share with Miss Robson using a computer or laptop is available to view on the main home learning page of this website. 

Alternatively, email any work to 

Maths and Spelling Shed link:

BIG CAT READING CHALLENGE - We would like to challenge our Year 1 and 2 children to read a few pages of a book out loud with their parents recording them  (no faces please!) A winner will then be picked each week for our Big Cat Reading Award as we would normally do on a Friday Merit Worship. Send any videos or voice recordings in to with the title Big Cat Reading and your child's name and year group


Thursday 25/6 - Parents of children in Y1 blue bubble, please read this letter.

 - Parents of children in Y1 yellow bubble, please read this letter

Friday 3rd July- Hello everyone,  I hope you've had chance to watch the video for our Virtual Sports Week in preparation for next week. Please find attached the teams for throughout next week. I hope you can all take part and share your fantastic sporting work. 


Miss White


Thursday 2nd July - New PowerPoints have been added to the phonics section at the bottom of the page: These are c, g and o pronunications.

Monday 29th June - New Powerpoints have been added to the phonics section at the bottom of this page. These are i, e_e and u_e


Tuesday 21/4 -  Our fabulous P.E Co-ordinator Miss White has put together a list of ideas to help keep children active for at least 30 minutes every day! Follow the link below!

Tuesday 7th July

Monday 6th July

Felicity - Well done on completing your non-chronological report on tigers this week. Thank you Mrs Needs for supporting Felicity in Red bubble to complete it!
Max - well done on your home learning today. Great maths work on comparing numbers. I love your storyboard for the snail and the whale , you have some great pictures that you have drawn to match your sentences. I really like your card for Archie. It is sad that he is now in heaven . I will give the card to Mrs Heppleston so she can put it near Archie's grave. 
Thank you for the card. Brilliant topic work - you are really good at sorting the physical and human features of the seaside in the past. Your snail picture and labels is fantastic - you have really thought about the shape of the shell. 
Willow - Well done on your home learning. Great maths work on comparing and partitioning numbers. I love the way you had sorted the physical and human features of the seaside in the past. English - great describing words to match the snail. RE - colouring the picture of the blind man - Do you know anymore of the miracles Jesus performed?
Milana - Well done on completing your home learning . Great maths work on partitioning and comparing numbers. Brilliant describing words for the snail. I I am really pleased you are continuing to read every day well done.


Phonics Play have provided free access during this time. You can access this at  

The login details are:

Username: March20

Password: home

Below are some PowerPoints to help Year 1 with Phase 5 phonics.

 Phase 5 aw.pptxDownload
 Phase 5 ay.pptxDownload
 Phase 5 a_e.pptxDownload
 Phase 5 c pronunciation.pptxDownload
 Phase 5 ea.pptxDownload
 Phase 5 ew.pptxDownload
 Phase 5 e_e.pptxDownload
 Phase 5 g pronunciation.pptxDownload
 Phase 5 i pronunciation.pptxDownload
 Phase 5 ie.pptxDownload
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