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Home Learning

Welcome to our Home Learning page!

Here, you will find lots of different resources in different forms to support you and your child if they have to remain at home.   This information is intended to provide clarity and transparency to children and parents or carers about what to expect from our home learning provision. 
Each class has a dedicated page where you will find links and resources to support learning.  As KS2 classes will be doing the majority of their work via Google Classrooms, you will notice much fewer resources for these classes.  Should you have any difficulties in accessing learning on here or any questions regarding learning, please email the following address:
Thank you for working with us during these difficult and unprecedented times. 
Mrs Haines

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How will my child access any online home learning you are providing?

For children in Nursery, Reception and KS1, work will be uploaded daily to the year group's individual home learning page.  Please click below to go directly to your child's home learning page:



Year 1:

Year 2:

For children in KS2, Google Classroom is the online platform which the school uses to provide home learning. All children have been given a Google Classroom username and log in. If this is the first time you have used Google Classroom with your child please watch the short video posted at the bottom of this page on how to use it.   If you require further support or your child has forgotten/misplaced their log in details, please email .


If my child does not have digital or online access at home, how will you support them to access home learning?

We recognise that some children may not have suitable online access at home. If your child does not have internet at home or have access to a device on which they can access our home learning platforms, please email 

We take the following approaches to support those children to access remote education:

  • During the current lockdown in January and February, school will provide a device to any child who does not have a suitable one at home to access their home learning.
  • School will also provide a 30GB sim card to give access to WIFI for anyone who does not have the internet at home.
  • School has provided 'how to' videos at the bottom of this page on how to access Google Classroom and Google Drive.

What should my child expect from immediate remote education in the first day or two of pupils being sent home?

A child’s first day or two of learning at home might look different from our standard approach, while we take all necessary actions to prepare for a longer period of home learning. On day one, children in KS1 and KS2 can access Spelling Shed, Maths Shed, Hit the Button and Accelerated Reader (KS2 only). Please find the links to these below. 

From day two, teachers will provide tasks for children to carry out at home.


Following the first few days of remote education, will my child be taught broadly the same curriculum as they would if they were in school?

We teach the same curriculum for home learning as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate.  However, we have needed to make some adaptations in some subjects. For example:

PE - the children will not be able to take part in the planned activities so alternative activities will be suggested to keep your child active. 

Art & Design Technology - your child might not have the resources needed to practise a certain skill, so alternative activities will be suggested.

How long can I expect work set by the school to take my child each day?

We expect that home learning (including remote teaching and independent work) will take children approximately three hours each day for Early Years and Key Stage 1 and four hours for key stage 2.  This includes participation in worship.

How will my child be taught remotely?

 We use a combination of the following approaches to teach children remotely


  • Instructions on practical activities posted on the home learning pages on the school website
  • Some tasks will require work to be recorded on paper - photos of the work are to be emailed to 
  • Recorded video or audio teaching and instructions, made by your child’s class teacher
  • Commercially available websites supporting the teaching of specific subjects or areas, including video clips or sequences


  • Written instructions accompanying a task on the website
  • Video or audio teaching and instructions provided by a third party, e.g. White Rose Maths, BBC Bitesize
  • Recorded video or audio teaching and instructions, made by your child’s class teacher 
  • Offline tasks to complete, such as a written piece, practical work, etc. which can then be photographed or videoed and uploaded to for feedback
  • Other offline activities, such as independent reading, practising spellings or times tables, etc
  • Links to activities on other websites, such as Spelling Shed, Maths Shed, Accelerated Reader, Hit the Button. Where pupils need additional log-in details for these websites, these will be provided.
  • Teacher-led online collective worship 


  • Written instructions accompanying a task on Google Classroom. (KS2 only)
  • Online tasks to complete through Google Classroom, such as answer sheets to complete, typed responses and video/audio recorded responses
  • Recorded video or audio teaching and instructions, made by your child’s class teacher or subject-specific expert (e.g. PE with Mr Holt from Tecnica Education)
  • Video or audio teaching and instructions provided by a third party, e.g. White Rose Maths, BBC Bitesize
  • Other offline activities, such as independent reading, practising spellings or times tables, etc
  • Links to activities on other websites, such as Spelling Shed, Maths Shed, Accelerated Reader, Hit the Button. Where pupils need additional log-in details for these websites, these will be provided.
  • Teacher-led online collective worship 
  • Occasional internet research activities 

What are your expectations for my child’s engagement and the support that we as parents and carers should provide at home?

We expect all children to engage daily with home learning where practically possible. The exception to this is if your child is too unwell to engage.  If your child is unable to do their home learning due to illness, normal notification of absence procedures will still apply to inform the office of the reason for absence from school.

We expect your child to complete all the tasks set each day to the best of their abilities. We understand that balancing supporting your child’s education with your own work commitments may be difficult, but the more support and encouragement you can provide for your child, the better the quality of their home learning experience will be. The children benefit greatly from structure, so you should aim to get them up and ready to start work at normal school time where possible.  Give them a quiet space to work, regular breaks and support them with any questions they may have. If you or your child have difficulty understanding what to do for a task, please email to make an appointment for a Learning Support Clinic.  This is a face to face Google Meet with either your child's class teacher or one of our other qualified teachers who will give the help needed.  Please find the schedule below:

How will you check whether my child is engaging with their work and how will I be informed if there are concerns?

  • Staff will keep a daily register for which children are engaging with and are submitting work through the home learning account or Google Classroom.
  • If engagement is a concern, school will ring to inform parents/carers and discuss how we can work together to enable your child to continue their learning at home. 
  • If engagement continues to be a concern, a member of our Senior Leadership Team will contact you to further discuss the issues and assist in putting in place measures to resolve these. 

How will you assess my child’s work and progress?

Feedback can take many forms and may not always mean extensive written comments for individual children. For example, whole-class feedback or quizzes marked automatically via digital platforms are also valid and effective methods, among many others.

Our approach to feeding back on pupil work is as follows:

  • If your child or you as a parent/carer sends an individual message asking for support through the home learning email account, staff will respond as soon as they can.  Please note: staff will not respond after 5pm.
  • Children in Nursery, Reception and KS1 will receive 'shout outs' on their home learning page on the website at the end of each day when they have done particularly good home learning.
  • For work submitted via Google Classroom, staff will give individual feedback or whole class feedback at least twice a week but in most cases this will happen more regularly than this. 
  • For work submitted via our home learning account, staff will give individual feedback. 
  • All of the children's work will be used as evidence to help teachers form their judgements at the end of each term when we would normally assess all of the children.  Whilst a formal assessment may not take place, teachers in will use the evidence from home learning to support their judgements as to whether a child is working below, at or above age-related expectations. Teachers in Nursery and Reception will assess the home learning work against the statements for Early Years as we recognise that learning at home is vital. 

How will you work with me to help my child who needs additional support from adults at home to access home learning?

We recognise that some children, for example children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), may not be able to access home learning without support from adults at home. We acknowledge the difficulties this may place on families, and we will work with parents/carers to support those pupils in the following ways:

  • For pupils with SEND, differentiated work may be set, depending on the needs of the child. Parents/carers can either send an email to the class teacher via or to our SENDCo, Miss Martin, at  to discuss further support if needed.
  • Some pupils with SEND may require additional practical resources such as, but not limited to, visual supports, pencil grips, coloured overlays, word mats and would also benefit from the visual timetables used in class. Again, use the email accounts above to discuss this further with the appropriate member of staff.
  • For children in EYFS and Year 1, engagement may be slightly differently than in Years 2 - 6 due to the age of the children and the amount of learning that usually takes place in provision in school - learning through play and exploration.  The tasks set will involve adult support from home.  

Remote education for children who are self-isolating

Where individual children need to self-isolate but the majority of their peer group remains in school, how home learning is provided will likely differ from the approach for whole groups. This is due to the challenges of teaching children both at home and in school.

If my child is not in school because they are self-isolating, how will their remote education differ from the approaches described above?

Please consult our more detailed Home Learning Policy for the academic year 2020-2021 here for information on this. 

Our New Home Learning Policy for 2021

Please read this important policy to find out out in more detail how we are providing home learning for our children under the new national lockdown which started on Wednesday 6th January 2021.

Home Learning Links 

Just click the image to be taken to the website. 

For more resources and home learning updates check our Twitter page at 

Guides to Accessing Home Learning Resources

Google Drive and Google Classroom are free to download as an app on a tablet or smart phone, and work can be uploaded through these apps. 

Accessing Google Classroom on a laptop or PC:

Accessing Google Apps on a laptop or PC: